Banking System

- Parsian Bank – 5Years Managing Director assistant in (Planning and Programming Executive Affairs)
- SINA Bank – 12 Years R & D Manager, Managing Director assistant in Branch Management, I.C.T Affairs and Cretid Facilities
- Bank Tejarat – 25 Years Assistant to the Chief Accountant, Chief Accountant, Personnel Management, R & D Management

Other Institutions

- Chairman of Tejarat Construction Co.
- C.E.O of Iran Zamin International Co.
- Chairman of Pardis 57 Co.
- Board member of Persian E-Commerce Co.

Academic Engagement

- Teaching in Iran’s universities and colleges in the field of banking sciences, accounting and economics.

Personal Skills

- Banking Activities, Specialized in Accounting, Branche Management Systems Design, Bank-Card-Business (Debit, Credit, Gifts,…), E-Payment System, Core Banking & Distributed Banking