• Send Money
To send money to your or other bank accounts in Iran, you would need to come to this money exchange location with your cash and the recipient’s name and banking information, including Bank Name and Account Number.
  • Receiving Money
The following two methods may be used to receive money from Iran:

1. Via a debit/credit card terminal as discussed earlier.
2. Via transferring money to one of our bank accounts in Iran

  • Currency Exchange
You can contact our office in Toronto to exchange foreign currencies such as US Dollar, Euro and British Pound, etc .. You would need to contact us via telephone regarding the rate and the type of currency you would like to exchange.

  • Receive Money from Bank Card Terminal
You can instantly receive money by using any of Iranian banks’ cards at Asaan Exchange.
You would only need to enter your required monetary amount, in Rial, and password on the machine and collect your cash.